Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Applicant's Visit Day - All the Fun of the Studio!

Today was applicant's visits day, a day designed to give everyone who has applied to study with us a further chance to sample what makes us different to other universities. The sessions were lead by Design and Illustration tutor Tony Peart (33) ably assisted by two plucky first year students, BT and Marc.

In the first session we explored ways of experimenting with image making by making small line drawings of one another in small sketchbooks. these were radically transformed in scale by copying them onto coloured paper. After that the scissors and glue came out for some serious collage making!!!

Let's see the colourful and striking results...

I think he's wanted by police in seven counties...

More suspects currently on the run from the authorities...

After lunch we conducted a workshop devoted to idea generation and producing effective visuals (see below) and yes, that is Donald Trump.

We hope everyone got something of value from the day and hope you all had a safe journey home. Best wishes and thanks from coming from all of the Grillust team.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Studio Randoms - Thursday 15 March, 2018

Expensive easel...

Aggressive knitware

Hair colour has nothing to do with the consumption of Irn-Bru

Year 1's preparing for tomorrow's Typo Poster feedback and assessment

Year 2 Illustrators taking part in a 'Pictionary' challenge.

'Homelessness' - a Pictionary challenge

Year 1 type-play

More Year 1 type-play

The remains of a type-play workshop

A 'bad back' in later life...

Busy studio

Year 3 Illustration weirdness...

Note fidelity to humongous scale

Lovely lino...

The Typographer Royal in action

Monday, 5 March 2018

Year 1 Graphic Design Students Get Their Thinking Crowns On...

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."
William Shakespeare

The Graphic Design students have been working closely with our very own Zoe Garnett-Scott (so posh she's got a hyphen), while the illustration students have been doing life drawing. She's been leading a module that encourages and develops an ability to experiment/play and push graphic imagery to the limit.

Anyway, back to the quote above and it now becomes evident that Zoe favours the 'thrusting' approach to greatness by unilaterally creating the award of 'Kings and Queens of Idea Development'.

Let's have a look at some recent recipients and how they handled the acclaim...

B.T. (21) "Gobsmacked"

A three-way tie between Tim, Marc and Beth (all 21). 

Tim is obviously "over the moon" whereas for both Marc and Beth it would appear that "three's a crowd" and the plotting of foolproof ways to 'dispatch' the other two winners has already begun...

Connor (21) takes it like a Medici prince...

Kiana (21) as laid back as ever, takes it in her stride but decides to wear it on the way home (if she can get her head to fit)...

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The 'Beast from the East' has made its way West!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Portfolio Advice

Three top illustrators from Handsome Frank illustration agency, in conjunction with Computer Arts Magazine, offer up some great advice for creating and directing your online illustration portfolio.

This is great advice for all illustration students - particularly those who are approaching graduation - but graphic designers might also pick up some valuable insight on the presentation of work.

Monday, 26 February 2018


Grillust aficionados will have already spotted this neatly crafted apology for the KFC chicken debacle, designed by Mother.

You can see more of Mother’s work here.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Scenes From The Life Room

Year 1 Illustration students continue to explore the human figure...

and perspective...

Collage forces the students to simplify the figure into fundamental shapes

Seeing the basic forms of the human figure (motorcycle crash helmet, boxes and cylinders)!

Life drawing, it's a dirty business.

Theatrical lighting effects help to explain form.

Insert your own joke about working in a coal mine here...

The World Famous Wayne Hemingway MBE Visits to Give a Guest Lecture

Staff and students recently had the pleasure of attending a lecture 
given by Wayne Hemingway MBE, organised by The University of Cumbria Institute of The Arts and held at The Old Fire Station, Carlisle's leading Arts and Entertainment venue.
Wayne is co-founder along with his wife Geraldine of Hemingway Design specialising in place-making and regeneration, graphics and identity, exhibition design and event curation.  

He built ‘Red or Dead’ into a globally-celebrated label which he sold in 1999. A philosophy of improving the things that matter in life runs through everything Hemingway Design does.  

Wayne provided a valuable insight into how 'Red or Dead' started and how to breathe new life into old concepts and how to cut through the ordinary and expected with powerful and visionary design.  

He offered lots of practical advice to our students and went on to discuss plans for 
a major development that Hemingway Design is leading right here in Carlisle. He also explained how our students can get involved with the project!

The project is St. Cuthbert's Garden Village which will be built on land to the South of the city (see above).
Carlisle City Council and their partners have aspirations to deliver a new 10,000 home ‘garden village’ as part of their ambitious housing and development growth plan. 
It is an ambitious proposal that will also include new employment opportunities, community facilities and a new southern link road.
The Cumbrian district council has commissioned a multi-disciplinary team led by masterplanners Gillespies, working closely with Hemingway Design, to develop an ambitious vision and concept for the St Cuthbert’s area. 
Innovation, quality and local distinctiveness are at the heart of the design process, supported by creative engagement with the local community and potential new residents, as well as a comprehensive online social media campaign to generate a buzz around the area’s future.

The beautiful River Caldew flows through the area.
Wayne Hemingway has said:  “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Carlisle to make its mark when it comes to creating much needed new homes and infrastructure. Recent history has shown that it will take real vision and an intelligent Herculean effort from a team of brilliant, diligent designers, place-makers, local and regional stakeholders who involve and represent the best interests of the community.”
It is also one of only two Garden Villages north of Manchester and easily amongst the most ambitious development projects being actively progressed within the north of England.  St. Cuthbert’s is a long term project, the planning of which will take several years and the subsequent delivery of which will span several decades.
As with most Carlisle residents, we here at Grillust towers are very excited by the prospects and eagerly look forward to future developments.

The Staiths development, Gateshead - an earlier Hemingway Design success story.