Wednesday, 31 January 2018

University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Are You Ready to Rock?!!!

We've spent this morning turning the Grillust Studio into something that resembles a rock venue.

But who's coming we hear you eagerly ask? 

Well it's no less than that superstar of contemporary Graphic Design (and a University of Cumbria graduate to boot) Mr. Rick (my middle name is 'Mr. Rock 'n' Roll') Banks.

The Studio as venue...

We're grateful that Rick has found the time in his hectic schedule to take a break from his busy Manchester studio FACE37 and return to the place where the story began. 

Rick is back alongside many other industry professionals as part of our dynamic Futures Festival a three-day event offering Institute of the Arts students, alumni, enquirers and applicants the opportunity to hear from industry professionals, get involved and meet potential employers.

Ginger - font designed by Rick (in tribute to Ed Sheeran)

Rick recently won a D&AD Yellow Pencil, the highest professional award in the British graphic design industry, the equivalent of an Oscar. The project that won the award can be viewed hereHe has created brand identities, bespoke typefaces and logo designs for some of the world’s biggest companies, including Triumph, Douwe Egberts, Nike and Adidas. He is also the design genius behind the typefaces F37 Bella and Ginger, and the typographic card game Type Trumps. 

Rick thinking wistfully about his 'golden years' at the far away, magical University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts...

Rick got his 'Mr. Rock 'n' Roll' nickname because of his love of 'metal' (that's the music not the 
solid material which is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity, although he is particularly fond of zinc). 

He likes nothing better than to start his day with something slow and gentle (perhaps a little GWAR) . By lunchtime he's ready for something a little more uptempo and will often visiit the back catalogue of those 'old school' masters Slayer (see below).

Rick (pictured around lunchtime yesterday)

The afternoons at FACE37 are the busiest time of the day and Rick finds that there's nothing better than Napalm Death to soundtrack his deft, design decisions.

When the long day's creativity is finally over and he can kick-back and relax, Rick loves to break the metal stereotype by winding down to a little superficial 'pop' music, probably something by Fjordfader.

That's our boy.

"These go up to eleven..." Rick's backline for his Grillust gig

The students have all been keen to dress appropriately

The excitement around the studio is tangible as we all look forward to rocking out with Rick!

Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday 29 January 2018 - What's Been Going On In The Studio Today?

Well, the first years are hard at work making and editing live action films (with real title sequences) and the second years have been presenting their ideas for a beer bottle label project, a live brief with a local brewery.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

First Years, Sixth Project - Working In the Style Of...

Hannah was Mark Hearld for two weeks

This is the project the students completed at the end of their first semester with us. They worked very hard and the outcomes were very impressive, clearly demonstrating the many things they've learned since starting in September.

All our Year 1 projects are about teaching (and understanding) the important foundation elements of Graphic Design and Illustration and this one was about the importance of looking at, and learning from designers, illustrators and artists who are better than you.

Dan was the great German architect and designer Peter Behrens

It’s impossible to do original design by locking yourself in an ‘ivory tower’. A designer or illustrator’s individuality is always a strange, chaotic mixture of all the designers and artists that have influenced them. It’s good (and sensible) to learn from the work of others. It’s also inspiring and helps you gauge your own development.

Never be downhearted if you see work that you don’t think you could achieve. You might not be there yet, but if you put in the time and effort you could be! Seeing great work spurs us onward.

Each student spent a week researching the work of their selected designer, illustrator or artist and then had a week to design a book jacket in their style. Let's see how they got on...

JJS immersed himself in the world of the great Swiss designer Joseph Müller-Brockmann

Here he is working towards the final designs for his book jacket...

... and here's the final design, beautifully screen printed (we awarded him a house point for this)!

Ellie got to grips with the atmospheric, painterly style of the illustrator and artist Anne Magill

Mark became Edward McKnight Kauffer

 Ellie researched the great illustrator Ronald Searle

 B.T. v. Saul Bass

 Jess working as the highly inventive Jean Jullien

Max exploring the later work of Herbert Bayer (and Venn diagrams)

 Katie getting to grips with the American master wood engraver Barry Moser

 Tim became the amazing Reid Miles (and listened to lots of cool jazz - nice)!

 Beth having a go at Dan Fern inspired collage

Ed getting his head around the technique and style of the great American regionalist painter, Grant Wood (yes, the one that painted 'American Gothic')...

...and here is the final design and artwork for Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood'

If you know the work of the illustrators, designers and illustrators mentioned above, that's great. If you don't, look them up, it'll do you good - they're important and you should know about them.