Wednesday, 14 December 2011

flock of fashionista birds fighting each other for this seasons most desired heels by Yvette Earl Yr 2

multitasking taken to the next level

all with a smile

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Grillust™ Autumn Tour 2011 - Destination No.8

Location: Leeds
Date: Friday 9 December
Distance from Carlisle: 125 miles
Grillust™ Operative: Tony

Leeds Fast Fact 1: The spoonerism of 'working in Leeds' is 'lurking in weeds'.
Leeds Fast Fact 2: More people fall over in Leeds city centre than in any other town or city in the U.K. This is because each paving stone and cobble is coated with Teflon™.
Leeds Fast Fact 3: Leeds was once stolen by bandits from Lancashire. It was only returned after a hefty ransom was paid.

Grillust™ Autumn Tour 2011 - Destination No.7

Location: Lancaster & Morecambe
Date: Thursday 8 December
Distance from Carlisle: 69 miles
Grillust™ Operative: Tony

Lancaster & Morecambe Fast Fact 1: 2nd shortest leg of the tour, although 90 m.p.h. gales and horizontal rain over Shap made for an 'interesting' drive.

Lancaster & Morecambe Fast Fact 2: It is well known that Eric Bartholomew took his stage name 'Morecambe' from his hometown. Not many people know that Hollywood icon Burt Lancaster (born in Bald Knob, Arkansas) didn't...

Lancaster & Morecambe Fast Fact 3: Lancaster is made from matter, Morecambe from anti-matter - it would be disastrous if they ever met!!

Grillust™ Autumn Tour 2011 - Destination No.6

Location: York
Date: Tuesday 6 December
Distance from Carlisle: 117 miles
Grillust™ Operative: Tony

Fast Fact 1:
York College has consistently provided us with more 'top notch' students than any other college in the U.K. Thanks York College!

York Fast Fact 2: Although it purports to have a noble and historic past, the city was actually built in 1932. Both the famous minster and 'shambles' are actually made from hand-painted fibreglass.

York Fast Fact 3:
The University of Cumbria Chancellor, The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr. John Sentamu has a day job too; he's also the Archbishop of York!

York Fast Fact 4: Only people born in York are allowed to adopt the surname 'York'. Sons and daughters of York include:

Michael York (actor)
The Grand Old Duke of York (military leader and pub)
Thom York(e) (whingy, whiny singer from out of Radiohead)
Sussannah York (60's heart throb)
Peter York (style guru)
Pete York (drummer, Spencer Davis Group)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Enterprising Students

Some of our more entrepreneurial students have been working hard on producing luxury hand-made treats, gifts, fondant fancies and goodies for today's Christmas market, held in the busy Brampton Road refectory. Competition between the students seems to have been fierce but friendly (no brawling yet). The event was opened by the closest thing we have to royalty, step forward Year Zero leader Zoe Garnett-Scott (a.k.a. HRH The Duchess of Papcastle).

The Duchess: "Have you come far?"
Jenny Cox (Year 3 Illustration): "Well that depends on if you're asking me metaphorically or literally..."

Petra Bláhová (Year 3 Graphic Design): "I think black is so last year Mica."
Mica Connelly (Year 3 Graphic Design): "Change the record Petra."

The 'Gilbert & George' of Graphic Design & Illustration, Jen Bows and Claire Wood, engage 'The Duchess' in some witty sales patter.

It's Christmas time...

there's no need to be afraid

At Christmas time,

we let in light and we eat some cake...

Christmas Market in the refectory = cake heaven!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Radio 4 'Book of the Week' Focuses on Typography - Listen Now!!

As further proof (if proof were needed) that Radio 4 is the best free education in the world, they are currently serialising Just My Type by Simon Garfield. The last in the series airs tomorrow (Friday) at 9.45 but if you visit the BBC website you can catch up on the ones you've missed.

Hurry though, as you only have a few days left to listen!

Claire Wood
Creative Review Feature

3rd yr illustrator Claire Wood (21) recently got a mention on The Creative Review's website feed section with this fantastic piece of editorial work.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mr. Mills Joins the Beardy Wierdies

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills gets 'in' with the 'in' crowd by entering the Grillust beard photo booth.

Scott opted to go for the 'David Battie (from out of The Antiques Roadshow) look'...

David Battie and a priceless Ming cat yesterday.

Scott Mills - A Fast Facts Feature

Get clued up with some fast facts about Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills...

Fast Fact 1.

Scott Robert Falcon Mills was born in 1973 in Eastleigh, Hampshire. His forenames were given in memory of his maternal great-grandfather Robert Faclon Scott who tragically died in Antarctica in 1912, during a failed expedition to discover the source of fish-fingers.

Fast Fact 2.
Scott began his broadcasting career at the local commercial station 'Power FM' at the relatively early age of six. 'Power FM' was a 'literal' station playing only music related to the word 'power'. Scott left two years later citing his inability to stomach listening to Jennifer Rush's 'The Power of Love' for the 1,000,000th time.

June 1st 1979 - Scott plays John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band's 'Power to the People' for the twelfth time that day

Fast Fact 3.
Scott's grandmother was cheery sing-along pianist Mrs Mills (also the inventor of the Mills Bomb).

Fast Fact 4.
Scott went on to work for Heart 106.2 an even more 'niche' station as it only played the music of American/Canadian uber-permed, power-balladeers 'Heart'.

Ann and Nancy Wilson of 'Heart' - Heart 106.2 are devoted to them...

Fast Fact 5.

Scott is heir to the Ponden Mills soft furnishings dynasty. This company was founded in 1902 by his paternal great-great-grandfather Ponden.

The very first pillow was invented accidentally by Scott's great-great-grandfather, Ponden Mills in 1908. He was actually trying to develop a new form of cushion but this happy mistake made his fortune! Today, no bed is complete without a Ponden Mills pillow...

Fast Fact 6.
Scott is not related in any way to the actress Hayley Mills.

Fast Fact 7.
Scott joined Radio 1 in 1998 to present The Early, Late, Afternoon, Morning Brunch-Time Show.

The rest (as they say) is history...

GRILLUST™ Broadcasts to the Nation

As you probably know, Radio 1 are broadcasting live today from the Brampton Road campus of the University of Cumbria (home to the Grillust™ empire). Never ones to miss an opportunity we noticed that although all of the equipment had been set up, no one was guarding it! The switch that made the little light go from red to green was quickly located and Grillust's™career in national broadcasting began.

Sam: ".Here's Destruction with 'Black Mass' as requested by Mrs. Elsie Bradshaw of Potters Bar".

Our first act was to replace Fearne Cotton (mid-morning slot) with our very own Sam Priestley (21) of Year 1 Illustration. The feisty Sam loves music from the darker end of the spectrum and has initiated a playlist that only encompasses songs or artists with the word 'black' in the title. Here's a little of what she played today:

Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Big Black - Kerosene
Black Francis - Ten Percenter
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love
Ram Jam - Black Betty
The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
AC/DC - Back in Black
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Michael Jackson - Black or White

A huge improvement we're sure you'll agree.

Not content with that, we've decided that Greg James was just a little too young to handle the afternoon slot and what the listener wanted was a more experienced pair of hands (or is it ears)? As two is always better than one (apart from Muse albums) we've drafted in the 'Smashey and Nicey' of the
Grillust™ broadcasting world, Captain Simon 'Diddy' Davies and Jim 'The Hairy Serif' Millington.

'Diddy': "I was Steve Hillage's patchouli oil roadie back in '72".
'The Hairy Serif': "...course you were Diddy, course you were..."

For 'Diddy' and 'The Serif' it's always 1972 and this is reflected in their lovingly selected playlist of prog rock perfection and glam rock glitter. Today the world heard (whether it wanted to or not), back-to-back, the following 'golden oldies':

Argent – Hold your Head Up
Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Slade – Cuz I Luv You
ELP – Hoedown
Yes – Going for the One
Rush – Trees
and of course the timeless Spinal Tap – Stonehenge

With this playlist on national radio we give Planet Rock a week at the max.


I Saw This and Thought of Us...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

reports from a couch

For a week now, this Grillust operative has been confined to barracks with a non Graphic Design & Illustration related illness. Thankfully, in this modern age of that there internet, dvd boxsets and berocca, the week has not been a total write-off.
Here, purely for your benefit (and in no way purely to break the mind numbing tedium that is descending upon me) is 'What I have learned this week'.

1 - Saul Bass', 'Henri's walk in Paris' is to be reissued in February.
One of the rarest children's books out there, by Leonore Klein and illustrated by the legendary Saul Bass. Bass's only venture into children's books.

And if you are a Bass fan (and who isn't? - No, really, who isn't?) then this new compendium might be for you. It's not cheap but is currently on heavy discount over at Amazon (other book sellers are available) or maybe you could ask Santa nicely.

2 - ebooks might not be the death knell of the printed book that I feared they would be. This year for the first time more ebooks sold than hardbacks. Publishers have hit back with a new found respect for the design of their printed wares. Instead of the printed book becoming obsolete, it is, instead, becoming a more desireable piece of design.
If a good looking book is something that gets your mouth watering, if a penguin book jacket is on your hitlist of dream jobs then this Guardian article might make interesting reading, as might this similar article from the Telegraph.

3 - Chess can make interesting viewing and has a tradition of madness in its grandmasters. The BBC recently aired quite an interesting documentary on the late Bobby Fischer, a very unique, American player who brought the game to the attention of the world in the early 70s. He was young, egotistical, handsome and always the source of a good quote or story. Unfortunately, he was also a very troubled soul and his story is one of triumph but ultimately, sadness. Well worth a watch whilse it's still available.

4 - Margeret Rutherford, is my favourite Miss Marple (what do you mean you don't have a favourite Miss Marple?) The films she stared in might have had little in common with Agatha Christie's books (Christie was said to have been disapointed by these big screen adaptations) but they are very pleasant viewing and Mrs Rutherford does have a unique fizzog.

and, as if Rutherford wasn't heart warming enough, the theme tune for all four of her Miss Marple outings is a marvellous piece of music with a surprisingly youthful 60s spring in it's step.

Oh and you should get your Miss Marple hits asap, before the character is ruined for ever. It has been reported that Disney have bought the rights and are in the process of putting together a vehicle for Jennifer Garner, her with the huge gob and little personality and absolutely no, and I mean NO, suitability to play the classic British character. Oh well, that'll be that ruined.

So, there you go. My week thus far. I also learned that Don Draper is a bit of a Jack the Lad, but that's neither here nor there. I'm off for a big glass of pills and a wee sip of water.

Bye (cough wheeze gasp) bye.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

We Like These - The Experimental Videos of Jesper Just

Instructions for use:
  1. Empty mind of preconceptions
  2. Concentrate
  3. Use headphones if possible
  4. Watch the first two at full screen

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Grillust™ Autumn Tour 2011 - Destination No.5

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Date: Thursday 1 December
Distance from Carlisle: 58 miles
Grillust™ Operative: Tony

Fast Fact 1:
at only 58 miles (1 hr 10 min) this is the shortest leg of the Grillust™ Autumn Tour.

Newcastle Fast Fact 2: many of our students hail from Tyneside but have now become honorary Cumbrians (in an arcane ceremony involving 'gurning' while eating Kendal Mint Cake).

Newcastle Fast Fact 3: former 'magpies' and England forward Peter Beardsley is the grandson of world famous illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. Interestingly they both shared a passion for working in black & white.

Of shoes and sexuality, heels and history

As all of you in Year 1 plough on with your secondary research for the ‘Shoes’ brief, I thought I’d point out some sources that may tantalise, may inform, hopefully a combination of both!

Now, I was going to suggest some books for you to peruse but it seems you have beaten me to it and raided the library of all things shoe-related! There is not a single book on footwear to be found amongst the shelves.  I am most impressed. Maybe I need to buy more books with pictures of shoes and boots….hmmm.

So… I turned to good ole Google and found the following glittering gems. Have a look at these. 

An entire museum dedicated to the history, the culture and the glory of the shoe; rich in images and text alike.

A 12-page online spread by National Geographic examining some of the cultural and sexual contexts of footwear.

An article published by the Association of Consumer Research that explores the ideas surrounding shoes and identity, including the differences between men and women. A nicely rounded, quality academic source (you know how much I like those).

Interesting article from the Guardian that attempts to answer a perplexing question….

Riello, G. & McNeil, P. (2007) ‘Footprints of history’, History Today, 57 (3), pp.30-36
I found this on Quest. Search for the article title and the author and you should find it. A useful historical overview of the shoe.

I love this site; it’s great fun. You can search for specific shoe types to find images. You can design your own Dr Martens. You can download and colour in various styles. You can make flip-flops.