Friday, 13 May 2016

Stress Busters

Final year graphic design and illustration students across the land will be experiencing hyper-tension about the prospect of leaving the comfortable, protective womb of University life. Well, all except for our Liam (21), who just doesn't do stress.

Liam Robinson (21). This is the closest he's ever been to 'stressed-out'!
There are several commercially available stress busting 'toys' available for the neurotics out there...

...but nothing really suited to the Grillust™ fraternity. Until now!

When the folks at Poster Project challenged students to design a poster around the word 'stress', 3rd year students Katie Lock (21), Vincent Walden (21) and Maddy Mould (21) responded with a poster that stress-heads can all get behind, or more accurately tear-up. 

As Poster Project (run by Glasgow design agency Front Page®) said, "We were overwhelmed – physically and emotionally – with the response, so much so we had to extend the number of winners from three to five. We had entries from Estonia to Chile, and loads of points in between, and in the end – after much deliberation – we had our winners"... which included the entry by our very own Lock, Walden & Mould (still all 21)

And here it is...

In recognition of their efforts, Lock, Walden & Mould will be winging their way up to Glasgow to receive a bumper bag of Sherbet Lemons and attend a celebratory slap-up feed at the town hall.

The rest of us are staying in Carlisle, tearing up bits of paper.

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Andrew Byrom talks

Due to Prof. Andrew Byrom's status as a Grillustasi, he was obliged to deliver a presentation outlining his philosophy and thoughts about graphic design, typography and the meaning of life.

Look and learn!