Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Shanghai Sunday's

This breaking news from our South-East Asia correspondent, Tony Peart (33).

Shanghai. Think Manhattan and then multiply it by fifty. The mind finds it hard to cope with a city on this scale. 

TTFN, Tone.

Welcome to "The Venice of Eastern China"

Suzhou, north-west of Changshu...

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pearls from the Orient

Reportage at it's best from Grillust™operative Tony 'Mr Tony' Peart (33).

Postcard from the far east (No 2 & 3!)

Postcards from the far east (No 1)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Letter from China (apologies to Alistair Cooke)

Grillust™ operatives Dwayne Bell (33) and Tony Peart (33) are currently developing Sino-Cumbrian relations by leading a group of our design & art students out to the first summer school with our friends in Changshu!

You may have seen on the news that large swathes of eastern China were evacuated because of a typhoon. However, we can reveal it was really just in preparation for the arrival of the much-celebrated-in-modern-China, Cumbrian cultural deity, Tony 'Mr Tony' Peart!

The plucky intercontinental travellers arrive in the far east.
'Mr Tony' appears, back row, least hair between 6 and 5, skilfully operating his cardboard cutout of Dwayne left handed.
At the slap-up welcome feed, 'Mr Tony' presents Official Friend of Grillust, Dr. Shen, with a lovely Lucy Hadley print.
Another Official Friend of Grillust, Lily, with her print.
Changshu students who've studied with us in Cumbria turn out for 'Mr Tony'; others feinted in excitement at the airport
Out on the town and it's time for tea - dumplings, hmmmmmmm. All except for...
... Dwayne, who eschews all non-meat products or vitamins and kept looking for something to suit his discerning palate...
... well, that's Dwayne sorted!
In the meantime Yr2 Graphic Designer, Megan Brown, and Yr2 Illustrator, Rhian Wood, (both 21) hit the supermarket looking for a taste of home. Marmite, Yorkshire Tea (Bags), Baked Beans, Hula Hoops, tins of Heinz 'London Grill' and Brylcreem vie for trolley space with large amounts of alcohol.

Well, as you know, the official story is that 'Mr Tony' et al, blew into Shanghai on a tropical typhoon. And, if that sounds like the opener for a Stephen Sondheim musical you're in luck. UoC Dance Lecturer, Zoe Gadd (33), is documenting the visit and will be delivering her report through the medium of contemporary dance - an expressive 'Chicago-stepping' meets 'Cumbrian yokel jig' fusion extravaganza with a little bit of participative dance improvisation. Mambo moves indeed!