Wednesday, 28 May 2014

It's Nearly Exhibition Time. Bring your friends!

Firstly, let us apologise for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. It's the end of the academic year, a rather busy time for the Grillust academics (and students for that matter). There's work to be assessed, feedback to be given and tutorials to be held. Lastly, there's the not inconsequential matter of the end of year exhibition which coincidentally opens on Friday...

So, without further ado, please consider yourself invited. Here's your private view invitation (don't worry you don't need to show it on the door) and there will be free strawberries and cream for all*:

and here's the poster...

The theme for this year's show is 'student power'  – that's a bit like 'girl power' but with added blokes and less singing – as the third years have pretty much organised, designed and built everything themselves.

'Cometh the moment cometh the man' (or woman) and in our case Year 3 student Jasper Van Looveren-Baines who is a man (and yes, that it is his real name) has stepped up to the mark to lead his fellow students. 

A small but dedicated team has branded and designed the show and also put together an exhibition catalogue. 

This year the students have decided to go for an 'old school' show featuring work on exhibition boards, all hand painted and stencilled to tie in with the exhibition branding. It's been a lot of work but has been tackled with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Anyway, here's a sneaky peek of the work in progress...

Here's Jasper stepping up to the mark in that perennially fashionable combo of deck shoes and 'pedal pushers'.

 Twenty four sheets of 18mm MDF needed to be painted.

 Strawberry red detailing carefully 'whacked' on by Luci Ormrod (21).

 Dom and Lee adopt that traditional male role of 'watching the women work'....

 Only one student is aware of the camera in this photo. Can you spot which one?

Jim Millington (33) comes down to direct the troops.

It's true that power corrupts and by extension a little power corrupts slightly. Here's a power crazed Jim addressing a massed rally (well Ricky actually) a little later in the day.

*Not necessarily all.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Cause and Effect I & II

Anstruther, Fife, Monday 14 April, 6.30PM

Cause 01


Carlisle, Cumbria, Friday 2 May, 6.30PM

Cause 02