Friday, 23 September 2016

North to South (or South to North)

Order is the prerequisite for rational observation, imagination, understanding, and thus discovery and innovation. 

This is the human prefrontal cortex at work, which is why animals seem content in the chaos of the wild and yet we humans feel drive to progress and move forward.

Here at Grillust Towers we like to exercise our prefrontal cortext to achieve order as much as the next person and do this by getting our new students to line up from North to South...

Monday, 19 September 2016

Grillustasi 2016 have arrived!

Do Nuthatches go up tree trunks and Treecreepers down?
Do Jays croak and Jackdaws caw?
Exactly how much blood is there when a Sparrowhawk swoops down on its unsuspecting prey?

There can't be many University campus' where these questions can be so graphically answered by simply walking out of the door. But, happily, the lovely leafy Brampton Road campus that hosts the Institute of the Art is one of them. And, these lovely people (the chosen few) get to study here for their degree in Graphic Design or Illustraion, the lucky Devils!

Meet the class of 2016. Remember their faces. In years to come they will follow in the great Grillust tradition and become the people who's work you want to see, the people you want to read about. 
Welcome one and all!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

National Cycle to Work Day
We'll post about a non bike thing soon
We Promise!

Today is National Cycle to Work Day. If nothing else that sounds like a great excuse to play on bikes. We're in!

Cumbria is an AMAZING place to cycle, with both the Lake District and Scottish borders being right on our doorstep. We're surrounded by world class scenery, trails and access. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker or if you just enjoy a bit of fresh air and a 'plooter' you really can do far worse than Cumbria.

Illustration Lecturer, internationally renowned bus drawist and advocate for men over 14 using Lynx deodorant, Dwayne Bell, has the most picturesque ride to work, coming as he does across the border from Scotland on a daily basis (on a bus most days). Here's some pics that he took en-route this morning.

Warning, the following images contain no wheelies or jumps and they are a bit 'arty' and heavily reliant on shadows.

Arty shadow shot #1. 'He Leaves'

Arty shadow shot #2. 'Lone Mail'

Bendy bike panorama shot

Wait a minute! Why have I stopped to take a photo of my feet?

Arty shadow shot #3. 'On the Verge'
Fields. Lots of fields. 

Nearly there


Of course, the downside to biking to work, is, of course, having to bike home.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Tour of Britain in Carlisle.
All the facts.

Here at Grillust Towers we take our cycling very seriously.

Luckily for us, the tour of Britain visits our fair city on an annual basis. Here's our recap of 2016's visit.


The big draw this year (again) was Sir Bradley Wiggins, fresh from his Rio Olympics success (Gold medal for the Team Pursuit). 'Wiggo' was delighted to visit Carlisle once again, saying (possibly) that among other things, it's got one of the best TK-Maxx's in Britain and as he was on the hunt for some new desert boots he was hopeful of another Gold, in that regard.

A pair of desert boots, yesterday.

The first sign of Bradley's imminent arrival was his team's vehicles bagging the best parking spots out the back of TK-Maxx.

It's a little known fact that 'The Wigginator' has, as a result of wearing a helmet that was several sizes too small for much of his early career, a very bad memory and as a result his team are forced to write 'Bradington's' name on all of their kit - like a Mum does to a 6 year old's school clothes - just in case he gets distracted by some paisley pattern and becomes separated from the group.

Spare bikes in case one or two get misplaced (we assume)

As everyone knows both a shopping trip and a 188km cycle race really only get underway with a visit to a coffee shop. Whytes Cafe & Bar was 'Wiggly's' choice for a cuppa. Look at the spectators amass to thrill as their hero orders a coffee. Did he have sugar? Did he have milk? - a little? a lot? The debates rage and have already taken their place in local legend!

(side note - we don't know if 'Big-Bad-Brad' had any, but we can vouch for the quality of Whyte's cheese scones).

We'll probably never know if 'Wigston' had a Whyte's cheese scone.

Finally it was time to race. 'Brad Fit's' race tradition, if you don't know, is to take a pre-race selfie with his lucky dog 'Little Captain Pedal Paws'. The crowds gathered to share in this famous tradition, and what a spectacle it was!

Say "cheese scone"

And with that, they were off.
But, as is often the case, 'Christopher Wiggins' had forgotten something, this time, his helmet. Here he is his, shamefaced, returning to the 'big van with his name on' to retrieve the much needed safety precaution. The rest of the riders, used to such last minute muddles, milled about outside WH-Smith's and waited for him. They're good like that.

It turns out that 'Truly Madly Bradley' was 5th last. So that was rubbish.

But still better than these misinformed riders who were refused entry on the day.

Reasons for refused entry from top left: Too many wheels, too foldable, too much luggage, too many engines, a dog.

And to end on...

ignore the distorted baby and look at all those bikes
ignore the bikes and look at that castle
ignore that man with a giant head look at that man with a giant head