Wednesday, 14 September 2016

National Cycle to Work Day
We'll post about a non bike thing soon
We Promise!

Today is National Cycle to Work Day. If nothing else that sounds like a great excuse to play on bikes. We're in!

Cumbria is an AMAZING place to cycle, with both the Lake District and Scottish borders being right on our doorstep. We're surrounded by world class scenery, trails and access. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker or if you just enjoy a bit of fresh air and a 'plooter' you really can do far worse than Cumbria.

Illustration Lecturer, internationally renowned bus drawist and advocate for men over 14 using Lynx deodorant, Dwayne Bell, has the most picturesque ride to work, coming as he does across the border from Scotland on a daily basis (on a bus most days). Here's some pics that he took en-route this morning.

Warning, the following images contain no wheelies or jumps and they are a bit 'arty' and heavily reliant on shadows.

Arty shadow shot #1. 'He Leaves'

Arty shadow shot #2. 'Lone Mail'

Bendy bike panorama shot

Wait a minute! Why have I stopped to take a photo of my feet?

Arty shadow shot #3. 'On the Verge'
Fields. Lots of fields. 

Nearly there


Of course, the downside to biking to work, is, of course, having to bike home.

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