Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Le Nouvelle Students et Arrivé!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tour de Britain comes to Grillust Territory Twice in Three Days

WARNING: This post contains Lycra!

The Tour rolled through Carlisle on Tuesday of this week on its way to Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

The weather was a bit overcast but most of the Grillust team wandered the few hundred yards to watch them come up Stanwix Bank and turn left down Etterby Street. Loud cheers were heard as Grillust favourite Sir 'Wiggo' Wiggins rode past although sadly he is no longer sponsored by Carlisle's premier Bazaar of all things 'crafty', Fun2Do as his sideburns have slipped further South, becoming a very fetching beard along the way.

Today the tour returned to these parts, concluding with a mountain top (well, very big hill) finish at Hartside (by the cafe).

As it was such a nice day Grillust Velo member Tony 'Merckx' Peart (33) pumped up his tires, rubbed liniment into his forearms and rode off to experience the UK's premier cycling event. Here's what he saw...

 All along the route the 'locals' had all entered into the spirit and hung yellow bicycles everywhere

 After watching a King of the Mountain stage at Croglin it was on to Renwick and then the long climb up Hartside

 I km to go (thank heavens...)

Dogs have a total antipathy towards cycling (which is strange as they love the skiing)

 It was surprisingly busy at the top.  All the spectators had to either walk or ride because all roads within 3 miles had been shut all day.

 A rare Peart selfie
 Some men in Lycra on push bikes.

 No, not a flicker...

More men in Lycra on push bikes.

The awards ceremony, shortly after the race was won by Wout Poels (What Poles?) with Edvald 'Wonderful, Wonderful' Boasson Hagen taking the yellow jersey.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

No wonder the air conditioning was playing up...

Grillust™ Graduates will be well aware of the long standing issues we've had with the air conditioning in the studio.

At last we've found out what the problem was. Something was stuck in it...

In a situation reminiscent of the Japanese solidiers discovered on Pacific Islands in the 1970's who believed the war was still 'on'; we discovered this chap breaking out of his self imposed exile in our air-con system. One we reassured him that Margaret Thatcher was now not Prime Minister and that Captain Davies had indeed left the building he visibly relaxed. 

The actual moment of escape captured on video...

Hopefully the air-con will work now the blockage has been removed.