Monday, 12 December 2011

Enterprising Students

Some of our more entrepreneurial students have been working hard on producing luxury hand-made treats, gifts, fondant fancies and goodies for today's Christmas market, held in the busy Brampton Road refectory. Competition between the students seems to have been fierce but friendly (no brawling yet). The event was opened by the closest thing we have to royalty, step forward Year Zero leader Zoe Garnett-Scott (a.k.a. HRH The Duchess of Papcastle).

The Duchess: "Have you come far?"
Jenny Cox (Year 3 Illustration): "Well that depends on if you're asking me metaphorically or literally..."

Petra Bláhová (Year 3 Graphic Design): "I think black is so last year Mica."
Mica Connelly (Year 3 Graphic Design): "Change the record Petra."

The 'Gilbert & George' of Graphic Design & Illustration, Jen Bows and Claire Wood, engage 'The Duchess' in some witty sales patter.


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