Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GRILLUST™ Broadcasts to the Nation

As you probably know, Radio 1 are broadcasting live today from the Brampton Road campus of the University of Cumbria (home to the Grillust™ empire). Never ones to miss an opportunity we noticed that although all of the equipment had been set up, no one was guarding it! The switch that made the little light go from red to green was quickly located and Grillust's™career in national broadcasting began.

Sam: ".Here's Destruction with 'Black Mass' as requested by Mrs. Elsie Bradshaw of Potters Bar".

Our first act was to replace Fearne Cotton (mid-morning slot) with our very own Sam Priestley (21) of Year 1 Illustration. The feisty Sam loves music from the darker end of the spectrum and has initiated a playlist that only encompasses songs or artists with the word 'black' in the title. Here's a little of what she played today:

Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Big Black - Kerosene
Black Francis - Ten Percenter
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love
Ram Jam - Black Betty
The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
AC/DC - Back in Black
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Michael Jackson - Black or White

A huge improvement we're sure you'll agree.

Not content with that, we've decided that Greg James was just a little too young to handle the afternoon slot and what the listener wanted was a more experienced pair of hands (or is it ears)? As two is always better than one (apart from Muse albums) we've drafted in the 'Smashey and Nicey' of the
Grillust™ broadcasting world, Captain Simon 'Diddy' Davies and Jim 'The Hairy Serif' Millington.

'Diddy': "I was Steve Hillage's patchouli oil roadie back in '72".
'The Hairy Serif': "...course you were Diddy, course you were..."

For 'Diddy' and 'The Serif' it's always 1972 and this is reflected in their lovingly selected playlist of prog rock perfection and glam rock glitter. Today the world heard (whether it wanted to or not), back-to-back, the following 'golden oldies':

Argent – Hold your Head Up
Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Slade – Cuz I Luv You
ELP – Hoedown
Yes – Going for the One
Rush – Trees
and of course the timeless Spinal Tap – Stonehenge

With this playlist on national radio we give Planet Rock a week at the max.



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