Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Grillust™ Autumn Tour 2011 - Destination No.6

Location: York
Date: Tuesday 6 December
Distance from Carlisle: 117 miles
Grillust™ Operative: Tony

Fast Fact 1:
York College has consistently provided us with more 'top notch' students than any other college in the U.K. Thanks York College!

York Fast Fact 2: Although it purports to have a noble and historic past, the city was actually built in 1932. Both the famous minster and 'shambles' are actually made from hand-painted fibreglass.

York Fast Fact 3:
The University of Cumbria Chancellor, The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr. John Sentamu has a day job too; he's also the Archbishop of York!

York Fast Fact 4: Only people born in York are allowed to adopt the surname 'York'. Sons and daughters of York include:

Michael York (actor)
The Grand Old Duke of York (military leader and pub)
Thom York(e) (whingy, whiny singer from out of Radiohead)
Sussannah York (60's heart throb)
Peter York (style guru)
Pete York (drummer, Spencer Davis Group)


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