Thursday, 1 December 2011

Of shoes and sexuality, heels and history

As all of you in Year 1 plough on with your secondary research for the ‘Shoes’ brief, I thought I’d point out some sources that may tantalise, may inform, hopefully a combination of both!

Now, I was going to suggest some books for you to peruse but it seems you have beaten me to it and raided the library of all things shoe-related! There is not a single book on footwear to be found amongst the shelves.  I am most impressed. Maybe I need to buy more books with pictures of shoes and boots….hmmm.

So… I turned to good ole Google and found the following glittering gems. Have a look at these. 

An entire museum dedicated to the history, the culture and the glory of the shoe; rich in images and text alike.

A 12-page online spread by National Geographic examining some of the cultural and sexual contexts of footwear.

An article published by the Association of Consumer Research that explores the ideas surrounding shoes and identity, including the differences between men and women. A nicely rounded, quality academic source (you know how much I like those).

Interesting article from the Guardian that attempts to answer a perplexing question….

Riello, G. & McNeil, P. (2007) ‘Footprints of history’, History Today, 57 (3), pp.30-36
I found this on Quest. Search for the article title and the author and you should find it. A useful historical overview of the shoe.

I love this site; it’s great fun. You can search for specific shoe types to find images. You can design your own Dr Martens. You can download and colour in various styles. You can make flip-flops.




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