Friday, 21 January 2011

Student 'swamped' by overenthusiastic lecturers!

Today at the University of Cumbria what started as a one-to-one tutorial for illustration student Mike Tailford (pictured above centre back) soon got out of hand. "I couldn't believe it" said a confused Mr. Tailford. "I was talking to Rhiannon and before I knew it three other lecturers had joined in". An emotional Mr. Tailford continued, "While I found their feedback useful and informative, there just wasn't the space, or the air, for five fully grown adults in my corner of the studio. They had also boxed me in!"

Reports suggest that it was only when two of the group started to argue over his inadvertent use of the Comic Sans typeface that Mr. Tailford was able to effect his escape.

A spokesperson for the University, Dr. Hilliard Halliard said, "I can't see what all the fuss is about, surely a staff-student ratio of 4 to 1 is something to celebrate in this time of austerity".

Following an emergency administration of a Trebor Mint and a mouthful of Kia-Ora, Mr. Tailford made a full recovery.


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