Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Truly Fantastic Web Site

The BBC working in collaboration with the Public Catalogue Foundation have produced YOUR PAINTINGS.

This is an online catalogue 'in progress' which aims to bring you high quality images of every single oil painting in UK public collections. So far they have put online 63,000 out of an estimated 200,000 works!

Speaking as someone who loves to visit tiny provincial museums and galleries to find neglected gems I can't tell you how happy this makes me. You will also find paintings here that are not on public display. It's the digital equivalent of been shown around the basements and storerooms of the nation's galleries.

Bookmark it now!

Here's a few tasty morsels to wet your appetite...

Mark Gertler - The Fruit Sorters (in lovely Leicester City Art Gallery)

George Reginald Frampton - A Madonna of Brittany (in cuddly Cartwright Hall, Bradford)

Mary Fedden - A Goatherd with Goats (in delightful Durham University)

Edward Baird - Unidentified Aircraft (Kelvingrove, Glasgow)

Mary Mabbutt - Blue Kitchen (Usher Gallery, Lincoln)

Joan Eardley - Children & Chalked Wall (Kirklees Art Galleries)

John Duncan - The Coming of Bride (Glasgow Museums)

Carel Weight - Fury (Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry)

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