Wednesday, 16 January 2013

That's our boy...

Proving that he is not a 'token Salopian', James Bradley (21) is vying for the "Student-from-Shropshire-most-featured-on-Blogs" Award, currently held by our own Gary (The Shrewsbury Biscuit) Nicholson (33).

James features as today's inspiration on the Business Boom Collective. And, it's also great to know that James is enjoying his time with us here in Carlisle.

Graphic Design Student James Bradley

Graphic designer and student of the University of Cumbria James Bradley provides the inspiration this afternoon. Currently in his third year, the print and typography-enthusiast is concentrating on building up his portfolio and experience before entering the industry this summer.
“I have always been obsessed with information, stories and making things since I was very young, so design and myself are a great match. I love my degree and people always ask me why I came to Carlisle. Its simple because of the fantastic course, with its interesting tutors along with its fast pace structure that has made me a better designer but also better person.”
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  1. again thanks for sharing, 'house of three hands' is one of my favourite poster designs.