Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What Would You Call an Ice Cream Made From Meat?

You know these names: Cillit-Bang; Snickers; Domestos…  ...but what do they actually
convey (or even mean)? Does Cillit-Bang sound right for the product? Does Domestos
convey a powerful disinfectant that will kill 99.5% of all known germs? And just how
frightened of the 0.5% that it doesn’t harm should we be?

The naming of new products is a bizarre and endlessly fascinating subject and that's why we gave the first year students exactly five days to create names and visual identities for the following products:

  • A wig for bald babies 
  • Non-melting chocolate
  • A turbocharged mobility scooter 
  • A pram/TV combo
  • A meat based ice cream 
  • Rubber scissors for children
  • A fun boxing game for the under fives 
  • An abusive sat-nav
  • A double bass that folds to the size of a briefcase 
  • Fabergé Scotch Eggs
  • A hair covered football 
  • A cheese from Jamaica
  • A hearing aid that translates all languages 
  • Heavy metal tea
  • A dating site for goldfish 
  • A techno dance club for pensioners
  • A lost sock locating device 
  • Clothes made from spaghetti
  • A TV channel for trainspotters 
  • Robots made from cardboard boxes
  • Woollen lingerie 
  • A handbag for carrying Chihuahuas
  • Soft furnishings for prison cells 
  • A soft drink made from trees
  • A vacuum cleaner for beards 
  • A sundial wristwatch

As with all of our projects it's the journey that is just as important as the destination, or to put it another way, the quality of the final design is only as good as the quality of the development work.

Here's a sneaky peek into the world of design development...

First up, we have the work of Amy Sims and Deanna Carey (both 21) captured exploring the world of meat based ice cream:

Here are Amy and Deanna's final designs for a range of products:

More design development work, this time from the pairing of Jessica Plant (21) and Amy Jackson (21).

Here's Nathan Linney (21) and Ben Newboult (also 21):

Soft furnishings for prison cells:

Some of Nathan and Ben's final designs – 'Cozy Convict':

A dating site for goldfish:

While were looking at goldfish, here's the work of former Bury-ites, Callum Mosoph and Zac Street (by coincidence, also 21):

A turbocharged mobility scooter:

Finally, a Techno dance club for pensioners:


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