Friday, 19 September 2014

Don't forget your...

In 3 days we'll be welcoming Yr0s and Yr1s to Grillust Towers. If you're one of our newbies, we can appreciate what a monumentous weekend you have ahead of you, but never fear, we're all about helping. So here we list a few things you definitely don't want to forget (and some you do) when you're pilling everything into Dad's Nissan Cherry for the drive to sunny Carlisle.

1. Toothbrush. Oral hygene is important, even when Mum isn't there to remind you.

2. Family photo. To look at lovingly in moments of self reflective poignancy or to remind you who to call when you need a tenner.

3. Plant. This will lend your room an air of sophistication and maturity to counterbalance the pyramid of empty cider cans; plus, it's a proven fact that they make you cleverer or better at reading or something.

4. Pasta.

5. Your copy of this. You got the updated reading list right?

6. Cake. For us.

You should probably bring some pencils and pens and books and stuff too.

Here's a couple of things NOT to bring.

1. Knitted winter wear. On hearing that you're off to Carlisle, someone will knit you something for the winter. You're going to look a right berk in it. Leave it. In fact, burn it.

2. Your Mum. You'll look silly and though she won't admit to this, she's looking forward to the rest.

3. Your collection of decorative horse brasses. There's a multitude of reasons to not bring your collection of decorative horse brasses. Let's say it's an issue of storage space and leave it at that.


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