Monday, 19 January 2015

Thunderbirds are Gone!

Imagine our surprise on returning to the studio after the festive break and being confronted by this scene... you can imagine we were a little taken aback.

Our immediate response was very positive, best exemplified by Jim Millington's (33) exclamation: "Swipe Me! That'll make a chuffing cool studio feature!"

Sadly, on closer inspection, the everyday practicalities of the situation began to assert themselves.

Admittedly, from a distance, our new arrival did look like a rather spiffing 1:1 scale model of Scott Tracy's Thunderbird 1. However, on closer inspection we found that our 'new arrival' was made from a combination of chicken wire, papier-mâché and icing sugar coated cake – not the best materials to ensure longevity (or sanitary conditions for that matter). 

As a double whammy, the vertically thrusting fantasy rocket was also casting a long shadow over the area of our studio that we call 'illustration corner'. 

Year 2 Illustration spokesperson, Katie Lock (21) was the first of many to complain: 
"It's ****** ridiculous, what **** put that *** ******** ** ***************** *** there? It's ****** darker than ******** on ********a ******* with ******  a blindfold. ****! I can't ********* ****** ** *******even see my ***** drawing ***** **** board. I'm ******* apo********plectic! *****? ****! ****! *****! " (NB. Katie's Swiss Finishing School education has equipped her with a rich and colourful vocabulary).

We had to agree, Thunderbird 1 had to go. 

As I type this the rocket is being dismantled and removed from the studio. Soon nothing will remain but a sticky circular stain on the carpet 2.5m in diameter...

Now our thoughts now turn to the culprits. Who would be thoughtless enough to create this vertical inconvenience and then not tidy up after themselves?

Rumour has it that the photography staff were working on a TV21 themed photo shoot over the holiday...

Eye witness reports from Security Staff allegedly describe three characters emerging from our studio who sound remarkably like Photography course leader Mike 'Brains' England, his evil henchman Dr John 'The Hood' Darwell together with John's arch-nemesis, the glamorous Dr Sarah Bonner (see photos below).

Do they look guilty? Photography staff (from left to right) Mr Mike England, Dr Sarah Bonner and Dr John Darwell.


  1. Dont know what to say about the rocket but it is nice to see that my old New Blood poster from 2009 with my projcets on is still hanging on your wall :)


    1. You can't keep good design locked in a cupboard Johannes. Great to hear from you :-)

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