Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What did people do in the Dark Ages?

Well last Tuesday we found out...

Careless road workers drilled through a major electrical cable plunging a third of Carlisle (the third that has our campus in) into total darkness*

Let's see how the students (and staff) coped without their beloved electrical technology for what seemed like an eternity**

 Dazed and confused, the enormity of the situation has yet to sink in...

 Year 3 students express their displeasure by adopting the typical 'local' newspaper 'we're not happy campers' pose.

 As bodies cooled down, almost forgotten playground games were employed to increase circulation.

Smug illustrators Jake and Maddy (21 & 21) gloating at the emergency safety light illuminating their illustrating.

 "Hello ladies..." Who needs electricity? Certainly not James (21) with his vast array of marker pens...

 ...or Ed (also 21) with his equally impressive collection

In a future devoid of power the smart money was on pens and pencils. Please note the well ordered queue to our shop. Even in such terrible circumstances, order and politeness ruled the day.

* The power was cut at 11.45AM

** Power was restored 1 hour 45 minutes later

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  1. I can see how a helicopter tour of Dubai would help right now!
    Thanks Elizabeth, perhaps we could stop by Nadeem's furniture shop on the tour? I was planning to bring my broken armchair—which of course is all relevant to a power cut in northern Cumbria.