Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Workspaces of the Staff and Students (IV)

This week: Illustration Corner!

It's a good long time since we did a 'Workspaces' feature and so to fill the vacuum left by our digital indolence, rather than focus on a particular individual's workspace, we thought we'd take you on safari to those various student habitats found in that area of our studio we call 'Illustration Corner'.

Don't worry, your tour guides know the area well and the natives are friendly. Have a look at the panoramic photograph below to familiarise yourself with the terrain and let the numbers act as signposts, leading you to the interior hinterland and the delights that await you there.

Have fun and remember to keep your legs crossed!


  1. A startled native (Laura, seconds before she darted into the undergrowth)
  2. Arses
  3. Vincent (a graphic designer who lives quite happily in close proximity to a brush* of illustrators)
  4. Sophie (an illustrator and the brush* lookout, pictured emerging from her burrow)
  5. Grillust Hero No. 1 (the late, great John Peel)
*The correct collective noun for a group of illustrators.


The calm before the storm. The ordered tranquility that clearly demonstrates this is the habitat of a graphic designer (in this case Vincent).

  1. Bait box (bait consumed, Vincent won't need to hunt for 48 hours)
  2. Beautifully soft, graphic designer's hands (courtesy Neutrogena Norwegian Formula)
  3. Soothing mood music to work by (Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss)
  4. Grillust Hero No. 2 (the later, greater Andy Warhol)
  5. A warm welcome to visitors


  1. Some of Sophie's illustration work
  2. Dark room/store room/torture chamber
  3. Here be a monster
  4. One of Vincent's many posters for the legendary music venue The Brickyard


Plunging deep into 'illustrator's country' we now reach the back corner, the territory of Jake and Maddy.

  1. Yeah, right...
  2. The Pompidoodle Centre
  3. Maddy's collection of Irn-Bru tartans. Maddy is a real Scotophile and likes nothing better than to hike along the great Scottish valleys. So far, she's enjoyed the delights of Glen Campbell, Glen Close and Glen Miller
  4. Either a green lady's chest or a painting by L S Lowry


  1.  Who doesn't?
  2. Technically this statement is inaccurate as Illustrator's Corner is located in the South-East corner of our studio
  3. A small collection of dead frogs (Vincent's bait...)
  4. 'Bromance' (Jake and Ben)


  1. Something glinting tantalisingly in the distance (what could it be?)
  2. Jake's fringe (can be used for camouflage or as a display feature during his elaborate mating rituals)
  3. Maddy's archive of digital council tax letters
  4. Soothing mood music to work by (Rod McKuen – Jean)

Q: So what was glinting so tantalisingly in the distance?


  1. Maddy's half-eaten Easter Egg (a bit 'previous' as the photo was taken on March 9 2015)
  2. A complementary half-eaten pack of Ryvita (to assuage the guilt we suppose)
Next Time...
We glimpse what tomorrow will look like as we find out what's on Grillust staff member, 'Future' Dave Robert's desk.


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