Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Exhibition 2015 - 3 Days to Go!

Our annual exhibition opens this Saturday, 30 May an as usual everyone's invited!

The private view (with drinks and nibbles) is on Saturday 30 May, 6.00–9.00PM and you're invited to that too!

We're closed on Sunday but the exhibition is open all next week 1–5 June, 10.00AM–4.00PM.

Meanwhile it's 'all hands to the pumps' as our gallant Year 3 students make the final preparations.

Here's a photographic catch-up.

Cubes in space!

The 'bespoke wall typography' department. 

 Lots of little boxes (none of them made from 'Ticky-Tacky').

Cubes in Space II. 

 "Honestly Dave it was this big."

...courtesey the late, great Tibor Kalman 

Some of that 'bespoke wall typography'...

 ... that ties in with the exhibition poster.

The 'cube typhoon'. 

Adam smiles, Sophie works.

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