Thursday, 4 June 2015

Exhibition Private View Night

We held our exhibition private view last Saturday night. The students put a lot of time and effort into organising a well attended, busy evening. It was a great night and here's the photographic proof:

Here's ex-student James Cope who now happily works as a designer for Benoy (in London). Happily his time in the soft South hasn't 'turned his head' fashion wise as evidenced by his choice of sensible wooly jumper for those chilly Northern evenings.

 There's always one (or two) who spoil it for everyone. Dirty girls!

The cube sculpture was a magnet for the most under fives (and many over sixties). 

 We even had flowers and everything.

 Mitch does his trademark Egon Schiele pose.

 Rhiannon making free with the Crudités and nibbles. Very tasty!

As the Lee Lund years draw to a close we can categorically state that this is the end of an era...


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