Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Cumbria Band Names™ (Edition VI)

Conker Bandoleros 
You will don leather waistcoats, lycra leopard print trews, baseball boots (laces undone) and bouffants in your attempt at a 'Hair Rock' revival which will prove very popular in the Ireby and Hesket Newmarket area.

The Fantastic Catapults
As Cumbria's premier Country Rock Jug Band, you'll probably be best known for your zither/ukulele/gumbo fusion tunes. You will dress in matching check shirts, denim bib 'n' braces and take to the stage barefoot. From gig to gig the band line-up can change but all members must obviously belong to the same extended, dysfunctional family. On stage bickering and occasional moonshine induced violence will pepper your performance. 

Two Tone Mugs
You live up to your name. 80's Ska throwbacks who are easily duped into performing for no money. 'nuff said.


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