Sunday, 5 June 2016

Exhibition Private View

Saturday 4th June 6.009.00PM

Nice to see Nathan with some clothes on...

The students have got a small shop. Here's Samm (21) giving Mr. Jim (33) the 'hard sell'. 

Judging by their futuristic eye-wear  this couple must be from the future. Dave (33) is zooming in to check if they are kindred spirits or simply 1950's throwbacks.

Boys will be boys... 

 Baxter & Byrne.

The Blackpool massive. 

 From the class of 2015 and now with a successful freelance career, Mr Jake Clarke (33).

 From the class of 2003 Ms. Lynn 'Miss' Greaves and Patrick Bjorkman (both 33). Lynn is one of the country's best art teachers (she don't take no lip from da kids...) and Patrick is a top creative at Equator.

 Lock up your daughters! Here are Nick Dodds and Edwin Burrow, both 33 and both hep to the jive daddy-o!

The Queen of Papcastle, Zoe Garnett-Scott (33) and new P.A. Mr. Ben Pinkney (21).

PLEASE REMEMBER: The exhibition is open to the public Monday 6 – Friday 10 June, from 10.00am – 4.00pm daily.


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