Friday, 1 July 2016

It's Nice That
Maddy's been
selected by
It's Nice That

Recent Grillust graduate, Maddy Mould (an illustrator's name if ever we heard one) was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Penguin Design Awards - that's a pic of her at the event with free wine. Maddy's cover design for 'Emil and the Detectives' (below) was one of ten selected for that title.
The competition was based on three titles this year with ten pieces of work shortlisted for each. Maddy wasn't the final winner but done incredibly well to be shortlisted and as previously mentioned, there was free wine, so it's swings and roundabouts.

Maddy focuses on pattern and print based approaches in her colourful illustration.
Here's her piece of the 2015 Cheltenham Illustration Awards (also shortlisted).

We've just heard from Maddy that she's been selected (again!) by 'It's Nice That' to be part of their annual 'The Graduates' list. Essentially a list of those to watch out for among 2016 graduates.

Keep you eyes on this link to find out more as and when it's posted.

Well done Maddy, on the fine selection of selections.

Maddy will next be seen at that-there London's New Designers Graduate event, where she'll probably be selected for something or other.


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