Monday, 5 December 2016

Bovill/McCarthy Day at Grillust Towers

2010 graduates, Gary Bovill (33) now a senior designer at MC2, and James McCarthy (33) similarly positioned at Drumbeat, made a triumphant return to the studio with a splendid talk on 'What makes a successful brand' followed by a quick and dirty challenge to 3rd year students (all 21) to propose brands for one of two enterprises - one for a residential/retail/office warehouse development, the second being a perennial Grillust™ favourite, Pies!
A meat pie. An officially ratified food group at Grillust™ HQ.
Students ended the day by presenting their ideas, and all received positive and productive feedback from Gary and James. A big thank you goes to the both of them for taking time out of their busy schedules and showing such an interest in the current crop of Grillust™ hopefuls.
Four minds as one, sort of like The Beatles. Bearded 3rd year students (L-R), James Cook, Tom Selwood and Kyle Bridson contemplate the truly important things in life alondside MC2 design supremo, Gary Bovill.


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