Monday, 20 November 2017

The Year is...

Our Second Year Graphic Design students have been busy developing their understanding of editorial design, typography, and information structuring. For their second project this semester, each student was given a year of the 20th century to research with the aim of producing an information broadsheet which presented a snapshot of the most newsworthy events and cultural happenings of the time. Like all good design, the most successful projects employed in-depth research and an understanding and mastery of the chosen content to create eye-catching and intelligent work which reflected 'the spirit of the times'. The A2 broadsheets were double-sided and had to exploit at least three folds in their format. Here are a few of the most successful examples, unfolded.

Sam explored the year that taste forgot, 1970.

Gaby had the momentous year of the D-Day landings, 1944...

while Josh charted the rise of fascism and preparations for war of 1939,

and Becky explored 1948's events for post-war change and independence.


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