Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Students!

After the lull of the summer months, the studio has come alive again with this year's influx of shiny, new students. We're happy to report that after an intensive 'getting to know you session' the students all now know one another.

The day started with a talking marathon (pictured below)

This proved a massive success with a peak volume of excited studio chatter recorded at 126dB - exactly the same as that achieved by The Who when they played at Charlton Athletic, 31 May, 1976 (but of course they had Keith Moon and a huge P.A. system).

The students were then introduced to 'Studio Ball' a game pioneered by ourselves. It is a dynamic and somewhat anarchic sport but does involve one important rule - 'don't hit the Macs!'

To regain a sense of order we asked the eager newcomers to reveal where they had come from on the globe and then arrange themselves geographically from North to South. This was achieved swiftly and with such precision that we suspect they may have been reading atlases...

Let's hear it for the Grimsby (and Bury) massive.

Our students come from a variety of 'exotic' locations...

The day ended with our traditional 'Pub Quiz' differing from a pub quiz in only two respects:
  1. it's not in a pub
  2. no alcohol is involved
Once again we were impressed by our student's knowledge of such diverse topics as: the Swiss; musical theatre; celebrities with cuboid heads; Post-modern design; Blackpool and of course, graphic design and illustration.

The 'Welcome Week' fun continues with a self-portrait project that will be unveiled to the world this Friday.

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  1. Gotta love the fact that Birmingham is an 'exotic' location... :')