Thursday, 15 September 2011

Last Chance to See...

...The Mervyn Peake exhibition at Tullie House which ends on Sunday.

Fuschia (from Gormenghast)

It's even better than we hoped it would be and concentrates solely on his book illustrations. For any illustrator this is an unmissable opportunity to see some of the greatest pen & ink work and draughtsmanship... ever.

from Mr. Pye

Readers of this blog will already know that hands are the second most difficult things in the world to draw. Peake was a master and exploited the communicative potential of hands and fingers to the maximum. Here are just a small selection of those on display in the exhibition:

The work ranges from spare line drawings to highly wrought images that Peake would spend up to a week completing.

Illustrators - if this whets your appetite to explore the potential of pen & ink you will be pleased to know that we have taken delivery of some line paper. This is a specially manufactured smooth, chalk-surfaced paper specifically for pen & ink work. If you call in at Tony & Dwayne's office and ask nicely they will give you a sheet to sample. You will have to provide the following:

We aim to please.


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