Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Don't Try This at Home!

It's with heavy heart that we have to report that charismatic Illustration lecturer and illustrator Dwayne Bell (33) has (probably) broken his hand. As we write this he's away at the hospital to have it checked out.

Our thoughts are with him and we wish him a speedy recovery.

It's well known that Dwayne leads an actively energetic 'outdoors' life, both as a man of the forest and as a dedicated downhill mountain biker. You may well assume, as we did, that his accident was probably the result of a 'chainsaw malfunction' or a 'bike meets tree at velocity' scenario but if you did you'd be very wrong.

Dwayne with his friend Neil (left) in a small forest yesterday

Truth, as they say, is often stranger than fiction
and in this case the truth is strange indeed...

Although Dwayne has perfected a seemingly natural, windswept look, it can only be achieved by the liberal application of 'product'.

This morning as usual, Dwayne was applying a quick burst of 'Harmony Hair Spray' to his fringe whilst in the confines of his shower cubicle. Tragically, the spray mechanism of the can jammed open, turning the enclosed shower space into effectively, a perfumed gas chamber.

Disorientated and groggy from the fumes, Dwayne accidentally trod on a bar of
Cussons 'Imperial Leather' soap, slipped and tumbled out of the shower. His hard landing on the tiled bathroom floor, resulting in the probable broken hand.

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  1. Tis officialy broked. Harmony hair spray will be receiving a strongly worded letter. It's mousse for me, from hair on in.