Monday, 23 January 2012

Visiting Lecturer - Ryan Young of Sell! Sell!

On Friday we were treated to a visit and illustrated lecture from ex-student Ryan Young who now works at the dynamic London agency Sell! Sell!

Ryan - who comes from Newtonards in County Down - graduated in June 2008 with his job at Sell! Sell! already in the bag!

It was good to see that after all these years of living and working in Hackney and Shoreditch - where, let's face it, fashion and hair crime are a daily reality - Ryan's sense of style remains resolutely true to his Northern (Irish) heritage (see photo below for proof):

In a packed lecture theater...

... Ryan not only featured lots of Sell! Sell!'s intelligent, witty and engaging advertising and design work (see below):

Fentimans Victorian Lemonade Commercial from Sell! Sell! on Vimeo.

 Commercial from Sell! Sell! on Vimeo.

...but also passed on his top tips for success, both as a student and as a graduate (some of his key themes are illustrated below):

Following cries of "well said Sir!", "huzzah" and a generous round of applause, Ryan adjourned to the studio to offer practical advice to students.

Ryan gives advice to Year 2 student Steph Stilwell (advice not pictured).

We should also advise you that Ryan is one of the tallest students we have ever had the pleasure of teaching. In fact we thought he might be THE tallest, so before he left we thought we would compare him to our current 'loftiest student' Appie Carr (21). As you can see Appie, at 7' 4", came out victorious. However, we can now firmly state that Ryan (33) is the 2nd tallest student we have ever had the pleasure of teaching.

Appie & Ryan strive for vertical supremacy (Tom Cruise included to give a sense of scale)

From everyone in the GRILLUST™ empire, we'd just like to say thanks a million Ryan and please feel free to come again anytime.

The smile of success...


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