Monday, 9 July 2012

More from New Blood

Here are a few more miscellaneous images taken during our recent foray to the nation’s capital.
Hands across

Hands across the Pennines.
Grillust™ ‘supremo’ Captain Simon Davies extends the hand of friendship to his opposite number at the University of Northumbria, Mr. Mike ‘the mauler’ Pinkney.

Gilbert & George

Gilbert and George.
As world famous artists Gilbert & George live just across the road from the New Blood venue we thought we might well bump in to them and sure enough we did. That’s Gilbert/George on the left and George/Gilbert on the right.

Glen Splendid sideburns sir!
Lot’s of old friends came by to say hello including ex Grillust™ operative and facial hair champion, Mr. Glen Robinson. Glen now lectures at the University of Lincoln and continues to make exciting work with his partner Rebecca. You can see their projects here.


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