Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We’re In With the ‘In’ Crowd…

… and we certainly go where the ‘in’ crowd goes.
Of that, there can be know doubt, as the following photographic images will dramatically demonstrate.

You’ve no doubt heard of Harper’s Bazaar (formerly Harper’s and Queen), Tatler and if we drop our standards for a moment, Hello!
Well, even more exclusive* than these well-known ‘society’ rags is Carlisle’s very own Carlisle Living. Each month the society pages (situated toward the back of the magazine) are eagerly scanned by wannabes and starlets hoping to see themselves captured in print for eternity. This dream would obviously make their otherwise sad and empty lives complete, but tragically for them, this rarely, if ever happens. However in the crazy world of Grillust™, dreams regularly become reality.

Gaze on in envy as you see various Grillust™ operatives, students and friends socialise at that most glittering event in Cumbria’s social calendar, The University of Cumbria Exhibition private view.
Cover 02 
Cover 03

Friend of Grillust™ (no, that’s not a euphemism) and Reader in Fine Art, Mr. Mark Wilson is the coolest person we know, so cool in fact that he was the subject of a four page feature in the very same issue! You can see how cool he is on the cover (below) and ladies, please remember, it’s always your night when Mark’s in town…
*small circulation figures.


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