Monday, 3 June 2013

The Ingredients for an End of Year Exhibition Are...

1) A large orange box and extra long step ladder

2) Arrows (lots) and a large portion of nuts

3) Double-sided tape

4) A small woolen hat

5) Mark and Dave - semi-professional children's entertainers (both 21)

6) Katie Roberts (21) and her magic scalpel

7) Patience and long nails

8) A born leader. In our case Mr. Dwayne Bell (33)

9) Who obviously couldn't take the pressure...

10) A good sense of direction. Step forward Ms. Katie Roberts (21)

11) 'Bobby Beats' (21) and his nuts

12) A steady hand and a vibrant palette - courtesy of Ms. Yvette Earl (21)

13) Sufficient head height

14) A custom made Grillust™ arrow


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