Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Grillust™ Joins The Freemasons!

The Freemasons have recently been on a national 'charm offensive' looking to recruit new members to their secret, ritual obsessed organisation. 

In Carlisle this marketing campaign manifested itself as an exhibition at the city museum & art gallery, Tullie House.

Three of the Grillust™ team, Zoe, Tony and Dwayne (all charismatic, all 33) went along to find out what the fuss was about...

We're not at liberty to divulge what exactly went on at the exhibition, but we can tell you that Carlisle now has a brand new Masonic Lodge to add to the fourteen (yes, we couldn't believe it either) that already existed. 

Grillust™ Lodge No.2391 currently has three members pictured below:

From left to right: Tony Peart (Tyler), Zoe Garnett-Scott (Grand Master) and Dwayne Bell (Junior Warden)

The rest of the Grillust™ team are dying to know what goes on at the Grillust™ Lodge meetings (apart from wearing pinnies, eating Terry's Chocolate Orange and walking with a limp) but as we are a secret organisation we have sworn a solemn oath never to reveal the true nature of the ancient 'craft'.

Besides, if they found out, we would probably be ridiculed for the rest of our days.


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