Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Blood 2013

Here's the report we promised earlier on D&AD's New Blood graduate showcase event in London's über trendy Spitalfields Market.

Our students had a very busy three days with industry professionals enthusing about them and their work. Mr James Bradley (21) was offered a job with a well known Leeds/London branding agency, but had to politely turn them down as he's already got a job with LBi in Edinburgh.

Charismatic Robert Marshall (21) was regularly approached by strangers over the three days (no, not in that way) after having been singled out by Digital Arts Magazine as 'one to watch'.

Lots of positive contacts were made and we'll be keeping our fingers crossed over the coming weeks.


As usual, the highly efficient Typographer Royal, Rhiannon Robinson (33) had our stand set up within minutes, ably assisted by James Bradley 6'1", Mark Collins 6'1", Steph Stilwell 5'8" and Rach Garry 5'4". James and Mark were assigned responsibility for the loftier regions of the stand...

Here's the finished stand beautifully modelled by Rhiannon and The Duchess of Cockermouth, Zoe Garnett-Scott (33).

Meanwhile, outside the calm environs of our stand chaos reigned...

Here's all the gang on the 'industry only' private view night (which was very well attended...)

Illustrator Yvette Earl (21) admires Rach Gary's (21) miniature woolen hat promotional cards (knitted by mum). 

As you can see from the photo, Rach likes to sport a good woolen hat, irrespective of the season and it has become something of a trademark. In fact, none of us has ever seen Rach without her hat. Does she ever take it off? Does it hide a bald patch? We'll probably never know...


There was plenty of free booze as evidenced below:


The event was very friendly with lots of mutual admiration going on between the exhibiting students.

Here's our very own Jade Wall (21) showing her work to Falmouth (Cornwall) illustration student Martha Anne (21). Coincidentally, Jade actually comes from Cornwall, Newquay to be precise, but being allergic to surf and loving the mountains, chose to study with us in far away Cumbria.

Brace yourselves! Pictured below is the shocking downside to social networking. These four were 'forced' to Tweet and Blog non-stop about what a 'fantastic time' they were having (fantastic time not pictured).

Day two: reinforcements arrive! 'Man of the North' Dwayne Bell (33) strides onto the stand followed by our leader, Captain Simon Davies (33).

D&AD gave the exhibitors a little more room this year which was very welcome. Here's the show as seen by one of the many passing pigeons.


On our way to the show we stumbled across a fantastic little fabric shop stocking these spiffing Dutch wax prints, designed for the West African market.


How could we resist. We (mostly) all bought some and will have them made into shirts (Zoe) and evening dresses (Simon & Tony).


Only our token non metro-sexual Illustration tutor Dwayne Bell pretended not to be interested (he was but couldn't bring himself to admit it)!

All in all, a great time was had.

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