Friday, 13 September 2013

Tour of Britain. Again.

Monday the 16th of September is notable for two reasons. Firstly this years influx of Grillustites will arrive to begin their time at Grillust towers and secondly the tour of Britain will roll through the streets of Carlisle, once again.

As we all know, last years visit by the tour was marred, for one and all, when Grillust head honcho and pocket pugilist, Captain Simon Davies offered Bradley "Weller on Wheels" Wiggins, a taste of his knuckle sandwiches, with the battle cry "MY BIKE'S BETTER THAN YOURS AND IT'S GOT MORE GEARS".

The astounding claim appeared to be deflected by Wiggins' once trademark mutton chops but, unperturbed, Davies pursued the Olympic gold medal winner through the great city's historical streets, but was, on the day, unable to catch Wiggins; later claiming that a meat and veg pie, supplied by his main sponsor Greggs, had fallen and become mashed in the rear sprocket of his bike and was to blame for his slow pace.

Will Wiggins get away so lightly this year?
Will Simon's attempt be yet again thwarted by bad handling of quality baked goods?
To find out, we'll be in town on Monday morning to witness the great races stage 2 start where old rivalries may flare up once again. The race will begin at 10:45am in the main square (outside Topshop/man) but if you want to see grown men have their shaven legs rubbed down by other grown men or witness a bike chain being lubed with far too much care and attention - our advice would be to turn up early.


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