Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Do You Think Anyone Will Notice?

We thought we'd better give the exhibition stand a 'dry run' before we take it to London.

It's a good job we did, as there seems to have been a 'slight' change of scale between it leaving Dwayne's desktop and arriving at the digital printers. 

In scenes vaguely reminiscent of Spinal Tap's 'Stonehenge Moment' accusations and insults were hurled – just who "doesn't know the difference between metres and millimetres" remains a moot point...

However, as Jim pointed out, it's only a little mistake and probably won't be noticed by the general public.

Here's Grillust operative Dwayne Bell (8' 5") towering above both the exhibition stand and Grillust's newest recruit, 'Dinky' David Robert (3' 6")