Monday, 2 June 2014

Snask (Sweden's finest) come back to their old University to give a guest lecture

A few years ago two fresh-faced, modest and quiet Swedish students, Mr. Fredrick Ost and Mr. Magnus Berg, came to Carlisle to study Graphic Design at The University of Cumbria (or The Cumbria Institute of the Arts as it was then named).

The effect we had on them was quite dramatic as can be graphically demonstrated with these 'before and after' photos showing below:

 Before... (Freddie and Magnus as year 1 students)

 ...after (SNASK – as Sweden's top design, branding and film agency)

However, they also had quite an effect on us...

During their time in Carlisle Freddie and Magnus threw themselves into both their studies and the cultural life of the city, running a popular club night and designing for Carlisle's Motive Sounds record label. They had a lot of fun and worked hard. 

Grillust operative Tony Peart (33) has said of his former students:

 Freddie is the most dapper, sartorially elegant student I ever taught. Magnus isn’t… Freddie and Magnus couldn’t be boring (even if you paid them). Snask was created as a vehicle to allow them to have fun once they’d graduated. Happily, this is exactly what they’ve gone on to do, producing work that always makes me smile.”

If you've not seen any of Snask's work you need to rectify that now by visiting their website.

Here's just a small sample of their hugely entertaining multimedia work:




SABO – Allmännyttans Energisparkampanj 2013 from SNASK on Vimeo.

SNASK even have their own book, Make Enemies & Gain Fans.

The Snask studio, Stockholm is where the multimedia magic happens.

Malmö Festival – Stop Motion Films from SNASK on Vimeo.

As you can imagine, the visit from Freddie and Magnus had been eagerly anticipated by all of us at Grillust Towers. We can now happily report that it more than lived up to expectation.

The visit was preceded by a Snask talk poster competition open to all students. Victory was claimed by Year 1 student Mr Vincent Walden (21) pictured below, grinning like a cat who has just got the cream:

The day commenced with a fully illustrated talk detailing the history of Snask from its foundation here in lovely Carlisle, through the difficult early days in Stockholm to their present position as Sweden's most innovative design, branding and film agency.

The name Snask in Swedish means all of the above...

Proactivity, ambition and attitude have been key to Snask's success. Freddie and Magnus have never been backward at coming forward and are masters of networking and making contact with the a wide range of influential people.

There's no such thing as luck in the world of design. All successful students 'make' their own luck – i.e. work incredibly hard, have great portfolios and most importantly, actively promote themselves!

No Snask presentation is complete without Magnus doing a little dancing...

A lively Q&A was held immediately after lunch...

It was during this session that the third partner in Snask, Eric arrived with his band VÄG.
That's right folks, Snask brought their very own three-piece rock group on tour with them! Now that's style...

Later that evening everyone reconvened at Carlisle's premier indie rock club, The Brickyard for a storming set by VÄG.

For the encores Freddie and Magnus joined the band on stage for some hot maraca/tambourine action. Yet another opportunity for Magnus (the true show-off in Snask) to strut his stuff.

A great day!

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