Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Just how well do you know your Dwayne?

Charismatic illustration lecturer Mr. Dwayne Bell (33) is the closest thing the Grillust Team have to a fashion icon (sorry Zoe but he does scrub up better than you).

His sartorial savoir-faire, coupled with those hirsute, rugged, manly good-looks have influenced the grooming habits and personal style of many (mostly males) who have come into his orbit.

On our recent jaunt to Spitalfields for New Blood we were surprised to see  just how far the 'Dwayne Bell Look' had traveled. You see, Dwayne didn't actually come with us to London but we seemed to keep on seeing him everywhere.

As the number of 'Dwayney-likeys' we came across started to multiply, we started to photograph them...

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and members of the third sex, just which of the following 'Dwaynesters' could possibly be the one and only, genuine Mr. Dwayne Bell?

You can leave your entry in the comments box...

The winner will receive a Steak Pie, or if vegetarian, a Scotch egg.


  1. Is 62 Dwayne at the Green party conference?

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  3. Found him. Mid bearded scot / fisherman / hipster trans-gender surgery. You're welcome.