Monday, 7 July 2014

That looks a little familiar...

No.1 in a very occasional series.

This week: the D&AD New Blood exhibition design.

Here are a few shots of the self-aware, 'chatty', language based, info-graphics referencing design that surrounded the New Blood 2014 exhibition...

...and a spread from the exhibition guide.

Here's a photo of Grillust Operative Tony Peart (33) with D&AD's 'The Ideas Begin as Soon as You Spin' wheel of fortune.

Now, lets look more closely at what he's pointing at, 'Rip Off An Idea'...

It seems that D&AD were being ironically 'post-modern' with the inclusion of this advice to plagiarise.

As long ago as 2003, well known New York design duo Karlssonwilker published their excellent book 'tellmewhy' (we'd recommend it to any design student).

Let's have a look inside a copy to see just what it is about D&AD's 'design concept' that looks so familiar...


 Tut, tut...


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