Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Design Your Future Manchester 2014

We're just back from the two-day UCAS Art & Design event held at the Convention Centre, Manchester.

It was a very busy two days for 'Team Cumbria'. We met lots of interesting people (hello), answered lots of questions and gave out lots of prospectuses and leaflets to interested students (and their tutors).

The only disappointment was the lack of free rubbish this year. Normally you can't move for USB pens, frisbees, pencil sharpeners, 30/60 set squares, rubbers, tote bags, popcorn etc.

This year, it was clear that the cold wind of austerity had finally arrived at DYF with the freebees reduced to a motley selection of bags and pens. However, we can happily report that it remains impossible for anything living to walk past Nottingham Trent's stand without coming away with a black shoulder bag. They remain the undisputed Higher Education champions of giving away bags to strangers...

Here are a few photos from across the two days:

'Team Cumbria' 9.55 day one. From left to right: Robbie, Marty, Mikey, Giuliana and Julia.

Busy, busy, busy...

Giuliana explains quantum mechanics to two interested passers by.

'The Prof', evening day one. We once again adjourned to the pub with the 'wall of crisps'.

Sadly no, it's in the bin (unfortunately there's a lot of 'waste' at DYF).

We were a little concerned that the 'Doncaster crew' might not be able to find their way home.

This was the largest 'fashion watch' we saw across the two days.


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