Monday, 3 November 2014

Grillust randoms

Queen of Type, Rhiannon Robinson (33) demonstrates a mock-up of one of her many planned tattoos.

Tash Gale (21, right) with great embarrassment, showing the results of washing her feedback form on too hot a setting. Bronte Taylor (21, left) smugly get's it right (40° delicates).

Canteen Crack. Second to our world famous Apple Crumble the biggest treat that daily canteen visits offer, is the fantastic array of butt crack randomly on display. Nothing helps a tuna roll go down quite like it.

To ease the transition from School to University, the first years receive a half hour story-time every afternoon. Here, Long Dave Silver Roberts (33) enraptures and delights with his heartfelt retelling of Treasure Island. He does all the voices and everything.

Not sure what's happening here but look how happy it's making Dave. Look, look at his little face, all lit up.


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