Tuesday, 20 October 2015

First Years, First Project

Working in teams of two, we asked the students to produce a digital magazine that attempted to capture something of the essence of a location of their choice.

The idea here is to point out from the start (N.B. we would never use the phrase 'get go' because we hate it...) that design and illustration are not impersonal, neutral activities. 

Having passion and something to say are central to the production of memorable work.

Here's some of what they produced:

Tabitha and Sian (both 21) explored the local bowling alley:

Alex and Shona created a response to the market hall (if you're wondering, they're both 21):

Olivia(21) and Chris (also 21) went underground to look at a system of underpasses:

Hazel and Megan (who are nearly 22) looked at some 'urban sculpture' that you can sit on:


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