Tuesday, 20 October 2015

On the X95

Here at Grillust we believe that drawing is at the absolute heart of illustration. Our number one piece of advice for illustration students is draw! Illustration lecturer, Dwayne Bell (33) practices what he preaches and pictured here are his sketchbooks from the last 13 months or so (the eagle eyed amongst you needn't worry, number 14 isn't lost, it's just on holiday).

Dwayne commutes to Grillust Towers on a daily basis and clocks up about 200 miles a week on a public bus. A fate tantamount to torture in most people's view but he's managed to turn this time to his advantage and spends his time secretly drawing his fellow passengers.

Recently Dwayne has compiled his favourite pages and spreads from a 12 month period and printed an A5 booklet of those pieces, cleverly titled 'On the X95' (the bus is the X95. Gerrit???)

On the X95 is on sale from Dwayne's online shop or by simply banging on his office door and giving the secret code word - "Ihavesevenpoundsforyou"

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