Tuesday, 18 October 2016

First Years Attend Frank Santoro Comics Masterclass

As part of our involvement with The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival we took a group of First Year students to attend a lecture and workshop given by the legendary comic artist (and theorist) Frank Santoro (33).

The venue was 'The Box' in Kendal, an 'interesting' piece of architecture so modern it hasn't been finished yet.

Yes 'The Box' seemed a bit wonky to us too. 

Frank gave a very entertaining and informative lecture on the construction and pacing of comics, ably assisted by Aidan Koch and ex-Marvel artist Connor Willumsen.

 Frank in full flow

Geometric construction of a comic page

 Connor, Aidan and Frank (all 33)

Artwork by Frank

Wolverine artwork by Connor

Artwork by Aidan

After the lecture the students (and staff) attended a comics masterclass with Frank and Connor.

 Nick Dodds (33) thoroughly enjoying himself in his special 'comics glasses' (his workaday pair are on the desk)

We used frames taken from various Alfred Hitchcock films 

 The ambidextrous and double right-handed Gemma (21)

 Hard at work

 Frank dispenses pearls of wisdom = Nick gets very excited

 The inevitable post-workshop group photo

Thank you Frank, Aidan, Connor, Kendal College and The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival


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