Monday, 24 October 2016

Olivier Kugler visits Grillust Towers

As it says on his website, Olivier Kugler loves to draw on location. Sounds simple. Is simple. Often the very best things are.

If you're not aware of Olivier's work, a quick google image search will show you just how much work the London based German illustrator produces. Prolific indeed. Google has, handily, put Olivier front and centre on his own image search.

Olivier's work is typified by global subject matter. Glasgow, London, Burkina Faso - he's drawn them all and then some! His lines are both accurate and kinetic. He doesn't create a simple snapshot moment but rather a multidimensional collection of moments that tell an entire story in a single image. Handwritten notes are incorporated into images as are quotes from the people who Olivier meets on his journeys and who become his subjects. For all his global travels, it's still the human connection that is core to Olivier's work and our engagement with it.



Burkina Faso

Recently Olivier's been working with Doctor's Without Borders, proving once again that illustration has the potential to make the unpalatable palatable, to bring home uncomfortable world truths in an incredibly humane, poignant and direct form. We're not going to publish any pics of the work that Olivier showed, as clearances are yet to be confirmed and the work yet to be published. Suffice to say that illustrator's talks aren't usually this emotional.

Olivier Kugler, in action. Not pictured - a packed room of not only illustration but also graphic design, fine artist and games design students.

Here's a couple of pieces...

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Olivier for the visit - despite the 5am arrival!!! It was a real statement of the power of illustration to do so much more than decorate or beautify our world and it was a pleasure to welcome Olivier to Grillust Towers.


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