Monday, 27 March 2017

Stars in Stripes

Last Tuesday was the official Grillust Stipe Day - what do you mean, you didn't know?..

Grillust students were called to arms in order to change the world on the 21st of March this year, in Grillust's inaugural "Stripe Day". 

The day involved a series of stripe related events, including getting dressed up in stripes, inserting stripes into mint humbugs, campaigning (successfully) to get 'The White Stripes' to reform and finally, devising and implementing 'triple yellow' parking (see below). This Über parking enforcement is designed to instil the 'fear of god' into those selfish drivers who persistently ignore 'double yellows' outside convenience stores, post offices and fast food outlets.

The turn out was excellent, and this is a tradition we hope to be carried on across future generations of Grillust Designers and Illustrators. 

Students were not put off work by the blinding amounts of stripes. From left to right: Jim, Danielle, James M, Sarah, Leanne.

 Don't have a stripey shirt? Try masking tape! It's the perfect substitute. 

 Grillust United - the 2016-17 North West League champions.

 Bridget Riley's worst nightmare...

A fun day was had by all and long may the stripes 'n' stripes keep flying...


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