Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday 22 March - Applicant Visit Day

Today was a rather busy but fun Applicant Visit Day here at The University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

Potential students, keen to experience some 'quality time' with our staff and students, came to spend the day with us.

The programme involved various talks, tours, slap up Cumbrian lunch and a couple of specialist workshop sessions in our big studio.

These were lead by our very own 'Queen of Typography', H.R.H. The Typographer Royal, Rhiannon Robinson (33) who had our guests experimenting with cut up letterforms - we provided the paper, scalpels, glue and first aid!

Everyone seemed to have a splendid time and we collectively thank them for coming and hope they had a safe journey home.

H.R.H. in action (the sceptre is obviously used as a white board pointer).

 Lunch - time for networking and tray bakes.

 "How do you spell Carlisle?"...

In the background we see (from left to right) Year 3 students Marisa, Sarah and Chloe assisting our guests. Chloe is good at hiding - can you see her?

 And finally, here's a small sample of the work created during the workshop.


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